Just started!

What this is: A place to finds listings of zines, and where you can get them. Physical copies or online only, we don’t discriminate.

What this is NOT: A gallery of scanned print issues. If that’s what you’re looking for, try here, or here.

Who am I? Kilwag, the editor of Skate and Annoy.

Why am I doing this? Because nobody else is! I’ve been sitting on this domain name for a couple years now, it’s about time I put it to use.

What’s about the future? Well, a custom site design instead of the default WordPress theme, that’s for sure. I plan on adding some pages of resources, tips, etc… Maybe even a forum. But for now I just wanted to get the wheels rolling.

Want to get your zine listed?

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! If you’ve got skate zine related news, I want to publish it here!

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