Confusion #14


Confusion Skate Zine

When: October, 2016
Editor: Jonathan Hay
Type: Printed, color

Confusion represents the underground, DIY international skate scene and culture, which includes not only skateboarders but also skatepark designers, artists, photographers, and musicians – the underground anti-heros that build this scene.

How Much: €4 + cost of shipping
Where to find: skateshops.

Web site:
Social: Facebook

Patinho Feio #8


Type: B&W Photocopy
Page Size: Letter
Number of Pages: 28
When: March, 2016
Editor / Creator: Gonçalo Lopes
Location: Portugal
Price: Free In Portugal, or trade for other zines
Email: email
Patinho Feio Skate Zine
Praceta Daniel Filipe
nº 8, 2º Dtº, Casal de São Brás
2700-228 Amadora
Social: Tumblr